October 26th Update Preview

Here’s a preview of the update on October 26th has announced by NetEase Games on the Onmyoji Arena official Facebook page.



Ability 1 “Bunny Dance”: Movement speed boost gained from this ability will be increased.

Ultimate Ability “Ring Toss”: Cool down time will be reduced.


Base Stats: Base ATK will be decreased.

Ability 3 “Puppet Blast”(Ranged Form): Base damage will be slightly decreased.


Ultimate Ability “Bamboo Blast”: Damage will be increased.


Passive Ability “Gonna Blow”: Attack speed growth will be increased.

Ability 1 “Scary”: Decrease Armor and MRes percentage will be increased.

Ultimate Ability “I’m Sorry!”: Damage will be decreased.


Ability 2 “Serpent’s Shackle”: Target HP bonus when calculating damage will be slightly decreased.

Ability 3 “Sacrificial Fire”: Base damage will be slightly decreased.

Kuro Mujou

Passive Ability “Soul Slayer”: The percentage of Armor Penetration will be decreased at low level.

Ultimate Ability “Fickle Doom”: Cool down time when enemy Shikigami is KO’d with this ability will be shortened.


Ability 1 “Spirit of Kawakatsu”: Damage to minions will be increased.

Ability 2 “False Face”: Target area will be reduced, the delay until charm comes into effect will be increased, while charm duration will be increased.

Ability 3 “Forbidden Face”: Damage will be increased.


October Recharge Event

Event Period: After the update on October 26th – November 8th (GMT+8).

During the event, when players’ recharge amount reaches a certain amount, players will receive rewards such as Evolution Amulet, Wish Charm, Frame and more!

Halloween Painting

Event Period: After the update on October 26th – November 1st (GMT+8).

Halloween is coming! During the event, players will receive “Halloween Paint” after completing a match. Use “Halloween Paint” to fill in the colors and receive rewards!

Players can also share their paintings to increase popularity. The top 5 popular players will receive Halloween exclusive skins as rewards!

Moreover, players can give like to paintings to obtain Pumpkin Candy. Sakurako loves this so if you present it to her in the lobby, maybe she will give something in return?


“Onymyoji Battle Arena” will be implemented! Players who reach Challenger tier will be assigned to a battle division.

Players who reach top 200 in their division will obtain Onmyoji title.

Players who reach top 200 in the server will become “Onmyoji Master” and will be awarded a prestigious icon.

Players who reach top 100 in the server will receive a VS interface Ranking Icon.

*Players from different battle divisions can still match up so this will not affect the matching process for the Challenger tier.


Gift message filter will be added to spectator mode.

Specified Distance in Ability Cancelation will be improved. Making players easier to know whether the ability is canceled or not.