July 17th 2020 Update Patch Notes

The Onmyoji Arena July 17th 2020 Update sees new shikigami Shiranui make her official debut on the Heian-kyo battlefield.

July 17th 2020 Update Patch Notes

Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments

Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of limited-time free shikigami on 7/20/2020. The new free shikigami will be Futakuchi, Yamausagi, Kyonshi Imoto, Shishio, Kingyo, Jorogumo, Yamakaze, and Maestro.

Onmyoji who own the God of Fortune Month Pact will have the additional free shikigami, Yoto Hime and Tamamonomae.

Of these shikigami, Yamakaze and Maestro have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle for free.

New Shikigami

This week sees Shiranui make her official debut on the Heian-kyo battlefield. Shiranui’s dyed skin, Tranquil Stars, is also available to purchase in the Skin Shop.

Song of the Flames of Sorrow Pack and Song of the Flames of Sorrow Gift Box will be available at a 22% discount in the General store. Buy the pack or box to summon Shiranui and get the Favor items, Weeping Sakura x8 or Evolution Amulet x1. Exclusive pack and box will be available till 23:59:59 on 7/23. Don’t miss out!

Latest Events


Event Period: July 17 after maintenance to July 25, 2020.

Keep working hard! Fortune favors the bold! Sign in daily during the event to earn rewards. Complete all sign-ins to earn a Complete Collection Reward!

Thousand-year Dream

Event Period: July 17 after maintenance to July 23, 2020.

Shiranui’s epic skin, Thousand-year Dream is now available! Get 12% off during the first week from July 17 to July 23. Don’t miss out!

Shikigami Adjustments


After the previous adjustment, the Crit Damage multiplier of Kanko’s ultimate ability is still a bit low, making his damage capabilities in the late game not meet expectations. We have increased the Crit Damage multiplier accordingly.

Ultimate Ability: Bamboo Blast

Adjusted damage from 50/110/170 (+40% Attack) to 50/130/210 (+40% Attack)

Adjusted Crit Damage multiplier from 135% to 150%.

Lord Arakawa

The previous adjustment had less of an impact on Lord Arakawa than we intended, and Lord Arakawa is still a better choice than other top lane shikigami. We have thus weakened him by a certain degree.

Ability 3: Flow Force

Adjusted Lost HP Regen from 0.11/0.195/0.28/0.365/0.45% to 0.1/0.18/0.26/0.34/0.42%.

Ultimate Ability: Flowing Stream

Adjusted Surge Power MP cost from 12/10/8 to 12/11/10.


Yuki’s MP consumption while laning in the early game is rather high, so we have reduced his MP cost accordingly. We have also adjusted the mid- and late-game damage of his Ability 2.

Ability 1: Icebreak

Adjusted MP cost from 40 to 30.

Ability 3: Falling Snow

Adjusted MP cost from 60/70/80/90/100 to 50/60/70/80/90.

Source: Onmyoji Arena.