September 30th 2019 Update Patch Notes

Let’s check out Onmyoji Arena September 30th 2019 Update Patch Notes. This update sees new Samurai shikigami Aobozu make his official debut on the Heian-kyo battlefield.


Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of limited-time free shikigami on October 7th, 2019. The new free shikigami will be Futakuchi, Kusa, Ibaraki Doji, Shishio, Kingyo, Shiro Mujou, Hannya, Yasha, and Tamamonomae.

Of these shikigami, Hannya, Yasha and Tamamonomae have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle.

New Shikigami

This update sees Aobozu make his official debut on the Heian-kyo battlefield. His dyed skin, Peaceful Wish and rare skin, Cleansed Monk will also be available to purchase in the Skin Shop.

Cleansed Monk

Illusionary Dream Pack and Illusionary Dream Gift Box will be available at a 22% discount in the General store. Buy the pack or box to summon Aobozu and get the Favor items, Witchery Bell x8 or Evolution Amulet x1. The exclusive pack and box will be available till 23:59:59 on October 7th, 2019.

Aobuzu Gameplay Trailer

Cleansed Monk Aobozu Gameplay Trailer


Optimized the feeling of casting abilities with smaller cast areas. We reduced the distance the joystick needs to be moved to change “Auto cast on locked target” to “Manually choose position” when selecting the cast area.

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