September 27th 2019 Update Patch Notes

Let’s check out Onmyoji Arena September 27th 2019 Update Patch Notes. This update sees new Samurai shikigami Aobozu joins Shikigami Brawl and new skin Steam: Lightchaser Miketsu arrives.


Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami at 5:00am on September 30th, 2019. The new free shikigami will be Vampira, Kamaitachi, Hangan, Aoandon, Yumekui, Yuki, Kubinashi, Shuten Doji and Yoto Hime.

Of these shikigami, Kubinashi, Shuten Doji and Yoto Hime have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle.


“Life is but a dream. Everything is empty.”

There are very few people who understand him, but he has never given up, instead using a different method to put his beliefs into action.

Aobozu is a shikigami who can be played in two ways. When leveling up his ultimate ability, you can choose Buddha’s Heart Form or Demonbane Form.

After choosing Buddha’s Heart Form, Aobozu will increase his Zen and his ability to take damage. Ability 1: Meditation will grant a more obvious increase on the damage and effects on other abilities.

After choosing Demonbane Form, Aobozu will convert Zen to Corruption, increasing his output and burst power at the same time.

In accordance with choosing the different ways, Aobozu’s ultimate ability will provide strong control when he chooses Buddha’s Heart Form, and strong finishing ability when he chooses Demonbane Form.

Trait: Buddha’s Image

Passive effect: If Aobozu takes damage greater than the designated value in a certain amount of time, all control effects are removed from him.

Ability 1: Meditation

Aobozu chants Buddhist scripture, continuously recovering Zen. During this time, he receives a damage reduction effect. When the chanting ends or when he uses this ability a second time, he deals damage to surrounding enemies and adds another damage reduction effect to himself.

Buddha’s Heart Form: Increases speed at which Zen is gained.

Demonbane Form: Continuously recovers Corruption. Using other abilities during this period will end accumulation and deal damage. After an ability is used, he will gain a Haste effect.

Ability 2: Divine Greatness

Aobozu waves his staff in the designated direction, dealing damage and Slow to enemies within range. Also adds a Buddha’s Heart mark. When this mark stacks 2 times, Aobozu will automatically trigger the mark upon dealing damage to the target, dealing additional damage and restoring HP to himself.

Buddha’s Heart Form: When Zen exceeds 125, enemies hit by this ability will directly gain the No. 2 stack of Buddha’s Heart mark.

Demonbane Form: Increases the damage dealt by this ability and decreases cooldown time.

Ability 3: Fortification

Aobozu charges in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way. If he hits an enemy shikigami, he will stop charging and fling the enemy behind him.

Buddha’s Heart Form: Every point of Zen increases charge distance and knockup time.

Demonbane Form: Increases damage dealt by this ability and significantly decreases cooldown time. Changes fling effect to knockup effect.

Ultimate Ability: Everything is Empty

Passive trigger: The first time Aobozu learns this ability, he must choose between Buddha’s Heart Form and Demonbane Form.

Buddha’s Heart Form: Aobozu’s upper Zen limit will be increased from 100 to 150.

Demonbane Form: Aobozu’s Zen will be changed to Corruption. Corruption will not decrease over time; using Divine Greatness and Fortification will consume Corruption.

Active effect:

Buddha’s Heart Form: Aobozu summons a magic circle in the designated area, dealing magic damage to enemies within range. This also inflicts Stun on targets in the magic circle’s center and a Slow effect on targets at the outer edge.

Demonbane Form: Aobozu jumps to the designated area, dealing physical damage to enemies within range. If this ability manages to KO an enemy shikigami, then it will immediately and fully restore Corruption and refresh this ability.

Aobozu will first be available during this week’s Shikigami Brawl.


1. Kanko

Ability 1: Fire Bomb

Adjusted cooldown from 14/12/10/8/6 seconds to 13/11/9/7/5 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Bamboo Blast

Adjusted base damage from 50/115/180 to 50/125/200.

2. Itsumade

Control Adjustments

Adjusted the responsiveness of control for Itsumade to allow for better combo.

Ability 2: Invisible Edge

Adjusted damage from 90/160/230/300/370 (+100% of extra Attack) to 90/150/210/270/330 (+90% of extra Attack).

3. Mannendake

Base Stats

Adjusted base attack from 91 to 84.

Ability 2: Bamboo: Penetrate

Adjusted attack bonus from 80% to 70/72.5/75/77.5/80%.

4. Lord Arakawa

Ability 3: Flow Force

Adjusted base damage from 60/75/90/105/120 to 55/67.5/80/92.5/105.

Ultimate Ability: Flowing Stream

Adjusted damage from 100/180/260 to 60/160/260.

5. Yamausagi

Ability 2: Be Good

Adjusted base damage from 120/187.5/255/322.5/390 to 90/160/230/300/370.

Ultimate Ability: Ring Toss

Adjusted control duration from 1.5 seconds to 1.5/1.6/1.7 seconds.

6. Youko

Ability 1: Harmful Wind

Adjusted bounce damage from 52/64/76/88/100% to 50/60/70/80/90%.

Ability 2: Wind Blade

Adjusted attack bonus from 70% to 70/72.5/75/77.5/80%.

Adjusted 2nd stage attack bonus from 60% to 60/62.5/65/67.5/70%.

Ability 3: Wind Rider

Adjusted attack speed bonus from 20/32.5/45/57.5/70% to 15/25/35/45/55%.


Added the feature to directly use models of the shikigami to display tiles in the Tile Box and preparation area. You can switch between the traditional display and display of models in Settings.


So that the Daruma Blessing event can benefit more players, it will be changed to a permanent event. At the same time, the Tokens obtained from the event will become permanent items. Onmyoji Arena will periodically adjust the redeemable skins and guaranteed uses in the future. To maintain the commemorative significance of royal skins, they will still only be available for a limited time during the festival events held once every half a year.

You can buy Daruma Packs or complete the required quests to get Auspicious Daruma Medals. Auspicious Daruma Medals can be used to exchange for Auspicious Daruma.

Use Auspicious Daruma to get rewards including permanent skins, 7-day Skin Trial Vouchers, Auspicious Daruma Tokens. Auspicious Daruma Tokens can be used to exchange for rewards including Ubume’s skin Golden Crane, random Skin Chests and Evolution Amulets.


1. The Mystery House and Talisman Shop will be combined into the Exchange House.

2. The following redeemable items have been added to the Mystery House: shikigami Chin and Kuro, Defiant Stand skin, and new item Totem Box. You can only redeem 1 Totem Box per month. Use to obtain a new Custom Onmyodo Page.

3. Totem Boxes have been added to the redemption list of the Exchange House. You can only redeem 1 per month. Use to obtain a new Custom Onmyodo Page.

4. The maximum number of redemptions of Favor items per week has been increased to 25.

5. Added the Talisman Shop access to the Shop that can be found in Shop – Exchange House.

6. Taichi Mudra has been added to the redemption list of the Talisman Shop. You can only redeem 1 per month.


If you have been friends for more than 7 days, you can gift each other Shikigami Shards or Skin Shards. If your friend has already summoned the shikigami, has the skin or has the maximum number of shards, when they receive gifted shards, they will be converted to Mystery Vouchers or Talismans.

Consignment Shop is open!

You can go to the Consignment Shop via Shop to purchase Shikigami Shards or Skin Shards of your liking. If you have extra shards, you can also sell them here.


1. City of Machines

Event time: September 30th to October 13th, 2019.

The City of Machines event is here! Complete quests to obtain Mechanical Gears, which can be redeemed for event-exclusive avatar frames, Battle Pass EXP, and more!

2. Shikigami Gathering

Event time: September 30th to October 7th, 2019.

It’s a grand gathering of shikigami! All shikigami will be available in Casual Match and Co-op vs. AI during the event. Fight and show off your power!

3. Steam: Lightchaser

Event time: September 27th to October 10th, 2019.

Miketsu’s Steam Age series skin, Steam: Lightchaser is now available from September 27th to October 10th with a first week discount of 12%. Don’t miss out!


1. Added the Jump to Source feature for some items. This feature will be continuously optimized in the future.

2. Optimized the interface effect in Popular.

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