The Joker Gameplay Tips

Joker is a high burst damage hero with a high damage long range poke ability. The Joker also have an incredible amount of mobility and survivability with his second skill and ultimate. In this guide I hope I can help you play The Joker to his fullest extent.

The Joker Gameplay Tips

The Joker Gameplay Tips


Rankbreaker: This is a great item for The Joker as it gives him damage, movement speed and armor pierce so he can do the most damage possible and start to roam to the mid lane and enemy jungle. It also gives some cooldown reduction so you can poke the enemies with your first skill.

Hermes’ Select: These boots gives you two times the movement speed above all the other boots while out of combat. These boots helps you roam a lot and pick up some kills for you. The boots also works really well with rankbreaker as it gives the Joker the ability to roam all over the map.

Omni Arms: This item is immensely helpful for your combo. The extra damage really helps you burst any squishy and even some warriors. It also gives you a bunch of different stats that help you in every way.

Fenrir’s Tooth: This item gives the most attack damage of any item. It’s passive increases all damage done to enemies who are below 50% HP. This helps you finish of any enemies that survive. This combined with your first or third skill can finish of any enemy.

Muramasa: Since armor is the main problem for The Joker as it prevents his burst. Muramasa combined with rankbreakers armor pierce help you deal maximum damage to warriors and even deal significant damage to tanks. It also give even more cool down reduction so you can do your combo more often.

Death Sickle: Is your enemies doing so much damage and you are not able to kill them faster than they kill you? Then you really need to build this item because of its passive. It makes you win the 1v1 fights or survive lethal hits in team fight.

The Joker Gameplay Tips

The Joker Gameplay Tips



After a brief moment outside of combat The Joker loads a bullet into his pistol. His next basic attack deals more damage and slows for 90%. Use this to finish the low health enemies or keep them from running away. This is also a core part of your burst damage combo.


This is a long range skill shot that deals a lot of damage. It can be used to poke down the enemies to get them low or use it to finish of low health enemies that are trying to escape. This is the ability you use at the end of your combo.


This ability removes all slow effects and makes you immune to them for the duration of the ability and gives him a speed boost. It also makes him immune to physical damage which helps him escape or tank any high damage ability that deals physical damage.


This ability makes you dash to the target and stun the enemy, then dash back to your original location. This is the ability that you start off your combo with.

The Joker Gameplay Tips


In the early game you should poke the enemy while also clearing the minion wave with you first skill. When you reach level 4 you could go for a kill on a squishy or low health enemy. Your main damage combo is Skill 3, basic attack, skill 1. This combo will kill most enemies or deal a significant amount of damage. You can then keep using basic attacks and your abilities to keep dishing out damage.You should always try to save your second ability to be able to avoid damage. So you can either evade, escape or tank damage. You can also use the second ability to chase the enemy or roam the map even faster.

Source: Arena of Valor Official site.

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