Rank Changes After Season 11 Begins

Let’s look forward to the new version and the new season!

Master 51+Veteran II
Master 41-50Veteran III
Master 31-40Veteran IV
Master 21-30Veteran V
Master 11-20Diamond I
Master 0-10Diamond II
Veteran IDiamond III
Veteran IIDiamond III
Veteran IIIDiamond IV
Veteran IVDiamond IV
Veteran VDiamond V
Diamond IPlatinum I
Diamond IIPlatinum I
Diamond IIIPlatinum II
Diamond IVPlatinum II
Diamond VPlatinum III
Platinum IPlatinum IV
Platinum IIPlatinum IV
Platinum IIIPlatinum V
Platinum IVPlatinum V
Platinum VGold I
Gold IGold II
Gold IIGold III
Gold IIIGold IV
Gold IVGold IV
Silver ISilver I
Silver IISilver II
Silver IIISilver III
Bronze IBronze I
Bronze IIBronze II
Bronze IIIBronze III
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