Elsu, the Soaring Falcon: Abilities and Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce Elsu, the Soaring Falcon. He is coming to the Arena of Valor Europe, US/Canada, Latin America and Asia servers on October 26th, 2018 November 16th, 2018.

Elsu, the Soaring Falcon


Stalk (Passive)

Elsu’s normal attacks deal physical damage, but the duration between each attack becomes longer and the attacks cannot be critical strikes. Each 1% critical chance Elsu gains is converted into 3 Attack Damage. While not in combat, Elsu can hide next to obstacles and gains 16%-30% movement speed depending on his level.

Sentinels (1)

Elsu places a device by his feet, enabling him to see everything within 600 to 1000 units (depending on his level) from the device. One device can be placed every [50-2*sl+2] seconds, up to 3 may be in reserve and up to 3 may be placed on the map. Each device lasts 300 seconds, but loses its effectiveness if captured by enemy heroes. Elsu’s normal attacks and abilities deal additional damage to those within the area covered by the device.

Passive: when not moving, Elsu gains 1 stack of Ambush every second, and up to 5 stacks in total. Each stack increases [6+1*sl]% armor pierce. This effect is cancelled when Elsu moves.

Snipe (2)

Elsu aims and fires, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s movement speed. Aiming requires 2 seconds, but releasing the shot early may cause it to fire errantly. The ability generates a charge every 16 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 stored charges (affected by cooldown).

Disengage (Ultimate)

Elsu leaps backward and fires in the target direction, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. After landing, Elsu gains 30% movement speed for 2 seconds, but this effect is cancelled when he uses abilities or attacks normally.


Elsu’s first ability, Sentinel, enables him to observe and snipe anywhere on the battlefield.


When the rich mines had been completely exhausted, Mildar, the city that stands on steel, lost its glory.

Industrial expansion once brought fortune to Mildar, yet the mines were now depleted, and industry dwindled. Opportunistic industrialists plucked the very last resources as they departed, and the city was left with myriads of industrial waste. Expediency is only human nature, and it explains why the citizens migrated to other cities after the economic recession and the abrupt environmental change. Of course, some stubborn people stayed behind, and Elsu was one of them.

As a native Mildarian, Elsu had a strong bond with the city. His parents died in a plague not long after he was born. Thankfully, Mildar was under rapid development and citizens had many social benefits, so Elsu was raised in an orphanage. He aspired to become a “City Guardian” in order to repay the city.

With outstanding academic performance and excellent archery skills, Elsu became a decorated City Guardian. Even though he looked serious all the time, he was loved and respected by his comrades. His shots also never missed their targets during the war. In just 3 years, Elsu’s special team not only completed all military missions with excellent results, but also were praised by the Federal Council on various occasions.

Therefore, when the authority decided to abandon Mildar, the Federal council issued an order to move this brilliant special team to handle more difficult scouting missions behind enemy lines. The second Darkness Invasion was winding down, and as a member of the Allied Powers, the Federation of the Free invested all they had into this epic war.

“This is the greatest war in human history! Together with our allies, we will send those filthy devils back to the abyss!” Spirited, every solider participated in the war to fight for glory and honor.

Except Elsu.

“Do you know what you are doing? Look at the badge on your chest! You are betraying it!” Facing criticism from his comrades, Elsu seemed deflated, “I have sworn to protect this city until I die. I will keep my promise even though it is already in ruins. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t fight with you anymore.”

The majority of the soldiers could not fathom Elsu’s emotional attachment to the city. Even though Elsu was ridiculed as “coward”, “chickenhearted” or “draft dodger”, he still insisted on leaving the military. His comrades departed Mildar angrily as Elsu watched them leave.

“You don’t have to do this. Mildar is done for.” Moren, who also chose to stay, said to Elsu. After the war of Fort Alchemy, Moren returned to his hometown, Mildar.

“Then, why did you come back?” asked Elsu.

“I’m old, you’re young. Don’t ask me why.” Moren waved his hand and walked away.

“Everyone has a reason,” thought Elsu as he watched his friends depart.

“But if one day they are in trouble, I will protect them with everything I have!”


Elsu attributes


Elsu Suggested Equipment


Elsu Recommended Arcana Lv2

Elsu Recommended Arcana Lv3

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