Season 8 Battle Pass Level Rewards

Here are details for the Onmyoji Arena Season 8 Battle Pass Level Rewards. Onmyoji Arena Season 8 Battle Pass has started from January 10th, 2020.

116 TalismanReturn Cursed Seal: Blade Gleam
25 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Talisman
38 Mid-level Favor Pack
43-day Trial Voucher: Rare Skin18 Mystery Voucher
516 Mystery Voucher328 Coin
6Wish Card
7268 Coin18 Talisman
85 Mid-level Favor Pack8 Mid-level Favor Pack
9Wish Card
10Prayer EmaBattle Pass Skin Chest
1116 Talisman18 Talisman
12328 Coin
13Wish CardWish Card
145 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Mystery Voucher
155 Mid-level Favor Pack
1616 Mystery VoucherWish Card
1716 Talisman18 Talisman
183-day Trial Voucher: Epic Skin
19268 Coin8 Mid-level Favor Pack
203-day Trial Voucher: Epic SkinFantasy Nocture Puppeteer Skin
21Wish Card
2216 Mystery Voucher18 Mystery Voucher
2316 Talisman18 Talisman
24Wish Card
255 Mid-level Favor Pack8 Mid-level Favor Pack
26Wish Card18 Talisman
2718 Mystery Voucher
2816 Mystery Voucher3 Personalized Voice Trial Card 3-day
2916 Talisman8 Mid-level Favor Pack
30Prayer EmaSnow-topped Flowers
3118 Talisman
325 Mid-level Favor Pack328 Coin
338 Mid-level Favor Pack
34268 CoinWish Card
35Wish Card18 Talisman
3618 Mystery Voucher
3716 TalismanWish Card
3816 Mystery Voucher18 Talisman
398 Mid-level Favor Pack
405 Personalized Voice Trial Card 5-dayTopic – Onikiri
4118 TalismanWish Card
4218 Mystery Voucher
435 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Talisman
4416 Mystery VoucherPrayer Ema
458 Mid-level Favor Pack
46268 CoinWish Card
4716 Talisman18 Talisman
4818 Mystery Voucher
495 Mid-level Favor Pack8 Mid-level Favor Pack
50Prayer EmaSakurako – Immortal Sakura
51328 Coin
5216 Talisman05 Talisman
535 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Mystery Voucher
54Wish Card
5516 MysteryPrayer Ema
5616 Talisman18 Mystery Voucher
578 Mid-level Favor Pack
585 Mid-level Favor PackWish Card
5916 Mystery Voucher18 Talisman
60Return Cursed Seal: Araliaceae 5-Day Trial CardTaichi Mudra
61Wish Card
62268 CoinPrayer Ema
638 Mid-level Favor Pack
6416 Mystery Voucher18 Talisman
655 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Mystery Voucher
66Prayer Ema
6716 Talisman18 Mystery Voucher
6816 Mystery Voucher8 Mid-level Favor Pack
6918 Talisman
70Prayer EmaEvolved Form Amulet
715 Mid-level Favor PackWish Card
72328 Coin
7316 Mystery Voucher18 Talisman
73268 Coin18 Mystery Voucher
75Prayer Ema
765 Mid-level Favor Pack8 Mid-level Favor Pack
77Wish Card18 Talisman
7818 Mystery Voucher
79Prayer EmaWish Card
80S8 Battle Pass DropsSeal Effect: Blade Gleam
81Wish Card
825 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Mystery Voucher
833-day Trial Voucher: Rare Skin8 Mid-level Favor Pack
8418 Talisman
8516 Mystery VoucherDance 2
86268 VoucherPrayer Ema
8718 Mystery Voucher
885 Mid-level Favor Pack8 Mid-level Favor Pack
8916 Talisman18 Talisman
90Prayer EmaEye of Orochi: Divine Force
91Wish Card
92Wish Card328 Coin
9318 Talisman
945 Mid-level Favor Pack18 Mystery Voucher
9516 Mystery VoucherDance 2
968 Mid-level Favor Pack
9716 Talisman18 Talisman
98268 Coin18 Mystery Voucher
99Wish Card
100Topic – Winter snowS8 Art of War Skin – Superior


1. The new season’s Battle Pass is here! This Battle Pass will last for the whole season. Complete pass quests to get EXP and level up your Battle Pass. Every Battle Pass level—up grants corresponding rewards. The highest level available from this season’s Battle Pass is Lv. 200.

2. If you spend 680 Jade, you can unlock all the content of Battle Pass and instantly claim all Battle Pass rewards of your current pass level, including exclusive Battle Pass skin, broadcast theme, return effect, item effect, and other rare items!

3. If you spend 1,280 Jade, you can upgrade and unlock all content of Battle Pass. Besides unlocking rewards, you can directly claim Battle Pass EXP equal to 20 levels and an exclusive avatar frame.

4. After your Battle Pass reaches Lv. 100, each level up will grant Pass Coins. You can exchange Pass Coins in the Battle Pass Shop for rare rewards and items! Pass Coins will be cleared with every season update, so be sure to redeem them in time!

5. If you want to claim the Battle Pass rewards more quickly, you can use a certain amount of Jade to directly buy Battle Pass EXP!

6. After obtaining the Lv. 100 Battle Pass reward, Season Skin: Superior, you can immediately try it out. The trial period will end when the next season starts.

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