Magic Academy of Carano Introduction

Magic Academy of Carano Introduction

There is a group of people in Athanor who understand the nature of the world through magic. They formed the Magister’s Council and founded the Academy to cultivate magic scholars and inherit the power of magic. After the Great Wall crisis, the Academy began to enroll more students, including our familiar Ishar.

Welcome challengers to the Magic Academy of Carano and start your magical journey now!

Magic Academy of Carano


After the truce between the Temple and the Magister’s Council, the mages of the Magister’s Council invited Sephera be the founder and Archmagister of the Academy to gather the power of mages and cultivate gifted.

The Academy enrolled more students after the crisis of the Great Wall, ushering in the freshman season this September. Students with their respective missions come to the Academy through different ways, get to know each other, live together, detect and solve the dormant crises in the Academy. Their wonderful campus life and magic journey begin…

Magic Academy of Carano Overview


Losarth, singled-handedly created by Sephera, is Carano’s river of life. The Magister’s Council built a giant tower at the mouth of the river to deter enemies from the sea. A special magic, ecological environment has been formed under the tower, giving birth to a large number of magical creatures.

Due to the magical protection and creatures, the area is inaccessible and completely isolated from neighboring cities. Citizens can only see the bright light of the tower, but they can’t actually enter this area.

Magic Academy of Carano Surroundings


Sephera designed the foundation of the Academy around the tower based on the astrolabe, gradually expanding buildings on that to form the present academy.

The academy is hidden in the sky to prevent the disturbance of ordinary people and shows up only in case of emergency or big events.

The Tower


Colleges can move platforms for daily teaching and activities, such as a form a special joint session with other colleges, or move to the magical creatures zone for study.

However, once there is a major academy event or crisis, all the base platforms will be spliced together to be a disk centered around the tower, making it easy to concentrate efforts to act in a unified manner.

The Academy Platforms


The Academy Map

Three Colleges

The sorting ceremony is near, have you already made a choice on which college you’d like to join? Share your thoughts in comments!

Magic Academy of Carano: Three Colleges

Atomic World – Delante Academy

The lion mascot symbolizes leadership and courge. This academy focuses on magic with emphasis on combat and training.

Atomic World - Delante Academy

Fortress of Life – Zeppezec Academy

The sea turle mascot symbolizes perseverance. This academy focuses on life with emphasis on medecine and liberal arts.

Fortress of Life - Zeppezec Academy

The NTH Dimension – Neiarra Academy

The owl mascot symbolizes concentration. This academy focuses on time and dimensions with emphasis on exploration and mathematics.

The NTH Dimension - Neiarra Academy


Mages are graded by the magic power they demonstrate and their academic achievement. If you are a powerful magic-user but without academic achievements, it is impossible to become elder mage.

Magic Academy of Carano - Mage Tiers

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