Onmyoji Arena Season 4

Onmyoji Arena Season 4 has started

The Onmyoji Arena Ranked Match Season 4 has officially started! The exclusive skin for this season belongs to Kyonshi Ani and Ebisu!

Onmyoji Arena Season 4


You will obtain 1 soul fire with every victory in Ranked Match. Conversely, you will lose 1 soul fire with every defeat in Ranked Match. A hidden score will be recorded for each Ranked match result according to the performance of the match. After meeting the conditions, you trigger “Eligibility approved” upon victory and receive 1 additional soul fire. You will trigger “Blessing” upon defeat if you met the conditions, and protect the soul fire for that match.

When you have obtained the maximum soul fire required for that tier, you will play a promotion match. When you have attained enough victories, you will be promoted to the next tier. When you suffer another defeat when you have the minimum soul fire required for the tier, you will play a relegation match. If you win the relegation match, you will obtain soul fire and use up the qualification for relegation matches.

Ranked Match Tiers for Challenger and above will be according to win points. At the end of each match, the win points will be increased or decreased according to the results of the match and the standard difference of the both teams.

Ranked Match consists of 8 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Master and Challenger. There are 3 sub-tiers for Bronze, 4 sub-tiers for Silver, 5 sub-tiers for Gold to Master, and win points for Challenger tier.

Player of Challenger tier will be auto-matched to a division and ranked according to win points. The top 200 players of Challenger tier in each division will be granted to Supreme Onmyoji title. Supreme Onmyoji is not a new tier, therefore, no extra season calculation will be added.

All shikigami are allowed for tiers Diamond and below, and there will be no vision fog on the battlefield.

Shikigami banning mode is activated for Elite tier, and there will be no vision fog on the battlefield.

Shikigami banning mode is activated for Master tier and above, and there will be vision fog on the battlefield.

If player for different tiers forms a group, the rules of the map selection will be according to that of the tier of the player with the highest tier.


Art of War: Gen. Seeker Kyonshi Ani

  • Reach Platinum tier in Season 4.
  • Win 10 Ranked Matches in Season 4.

Art of War: Politesse Ebisu

  • Take part in at least 60 5v5 battles during the season, including Support your Shikigami or Ranked Match.
  • Have an average punishment (punished matches/total matches) of less than 0.025.

How to check your average punishment: Tap on the [?] paper doll on the upper right corner in the lobby → Select [ArtOfWarQuery] → Tap on the [Query] button.



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