Arena of Valor: Beta 27 Update Patch Notes

Arena of Valor: Beta 27 Update Patch Notes

Dear Challengers,

On August 6th, Arena of Valor official servers will be taken offline while this update is being applied. You won’t be able to log in and play during this period.

It is believed that you have learned about the official collaboration between “Arena of Valor” and the famous anime, “Sword Art Online”.As one of the classic anime masterpieces, it’s definitely thrilling to watch Kirito and Asuna fight their ways on the field! At the same time, more content and easter eggs relating to “Sword Art Online” are coming in later updates, waiting for you all to explore!

Alongside this exciting new collaboration, we continue to devote passionate attention to our players’ experience as always. We know how important the report system and game balance are, so we’ve carried out some target optimization in both areas. Furthermore, we’ve made some large-scale improvements to the Enchantment system and Support Equipment presets. While you enjoy the fresh experience brought by Sword Art Online, don’t forget about these key changes that can bring you victory! Enjoy new adventures with Kirito and Asuna by your side!

Battlefield Adjustments

Main Battlefield

Wider Middle Lane Brush

Behind the changes:

In the new version, the distance between the Middle Lane Brushes has been increased. We’re hoping that this change will encourage more early game support from the Side Lanes to the Middle Lane, improving overall game flow. That should also help avoid too much early game Mid harassment. Ganking the Middle Lane from other positions will become more difficult.


Wider Middle Lane Brush Before


Wider Middle Lane Brush After

Middle Lane Healing Pack Rebalance

New Effect: Restores additional 20% Mana.

Brand New Support Equipment

Behind the changes:

We’ve prepared a new set of Support Gear for Support Players, hoping to enhance the support position and to introduce more choices for Support Heroes. More diverse Attribute Bonuses for the new set of Support Gear give more flexibility in combination and more powerful enchantment abilities. After a series of adjustments in the Trial Server, the legendary mentors from the Magic Academy today are greeting you with Gems! Truth be told, we can’t wait to see how Support Players make good use of this one-of-a-kind weapon and contribute to their teams!


Removed Wind Stone and associated craft lines, Water Stone and associated craft lines.

Added Brand new Support Equipment.

Level 1 Support Equipment

Level 1 Support Equipment

Elemental Gem

Price: 300 gold

Attribute Bonus: Movement Speed +5%

Passive – Elemental Harvest: Grants 1 Elemental Crystal and 1 additional Elemental Crystal every 40 seconds, up to a max of 10.

Passive – Up-and-Coming: If last or second-last on the team in income or EXP, gain 8 Gold or EXP every 3 seconds.

Passive – Modest: When alongside an allied Hero, each time allied Hero gains profits and EXP from Minions and Monsters, the support player gets a bonus 40% of Gold and EXP.This effect will expire in 8 minutes.

Passive – Distinction: Participating in kills earns 30% more EXP and gold.

Level 2 Support Equipment

Earth Gem

Earth Gem

Price: 900 gold

How to Craft: Elemental Gem + Ring of Vitality

Attribute Bonus: Movement Speed +5%, Cooldown Reduction +10%, Max HP +400

Passive – Earth Spirit: Gain 1 additional Elemental Crystal every 40 seconds, up to 10 Elemental Crystals. Each Elemental Crystal grants 80 HP.

Inherited Passives: Up-and-Coming, Modest, Distinction

Water Stone
Water Stone

Price: 900 gold

How to Craft: Elemental Gem + Spell Tome

Attribute Bonus: Movement Speed +5%, Cooldown Reduction +10%, Ability Power +40

Passive – Water Spirit:Gain 1 additional Elemental Crystal every 40 seconds, up to 10 Elemental Crystals. Each Elemental Crystal grants 10 Ability Power.

Inherited Passives: Up-and-Coming, Modest, Distinction

Fire Gem

Fire Gem

Price: 900 gold

How to Craft: Elemental Gem + Short Sword

Attribute Bonus: Movement Speed +5%, Cooldown Reduction +10%, Normal Attack +30

Passive – Earth Spirit: Gain 1 additional Elemental Crystal every 40 seconds, up to 10 Elemental Crystals. Each Elemental Crystal grants 5 Physical Damage.

Inherited Passives: Up-and-Coming, Modest, Distinction

Level 3 Enchantment Skills

Enchantment: The Ultimate Equipment Upgrade has been changed to Enhancement Upgrade.”Enchantment” is a unique attribute of Support Equipment in the new version. 5 enchantment abilities can be chosen for all Lv. 2 Support Equipment via purchase upgrade. Enchantment abilities can be switched at will. Cooldown will apply upon switching. We hope that the introduction of Enchantment System may allow players to freely try out the Support Equipment abilities, and plan their strategies according to the battle status in a more flexible manner. (Of course, simply choosing a passive enchantment for team buff is not a bad choice!)

Enchantment: Barrier

Enchantment: Barrier

Active – Barrier: Grants self and ally Heroes within range a shield that absorbs (800 + Hero Level*80) Damage for 2 seconds.Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Enchantment: Magic Eye

Enchantment: Magic Eye

Active – Magic Eye: grants true vision around self for 4 seconds.Activate to grant nearby allies a +40% Movement Speed that diminishes over 2 seconds.Cooldown: 45 seconds.

Enchantment: Annihilation

Enchantment: Annihilation

Active – Annihilation: shoots magic missiles at the lowest-HP heroes in range, causing (500 + hero level * 50) true damage to each target hero and a 30% AoE slow down that lasts for 1 second.Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Enchantment: Cleansing

Enchantment: Cleansing

Active – Calm Mind: instantly removes the controlling effect on near allies, and grants an anti-controlling effect for 0.5 seconds.Quickly recover 500 (+ Hero Level *50) HP for allies in 1 second.Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Enchantment: Genesis

Enchantment: Genesis

Passive – Elemental Affinity (Earth/Water/Fire): Grants you +50 Armor/+5% Damage/+5% Damage.

Passive – Genesis Guardian: grants self and nearby allies 80 (hero level * 8) armor and 60 (hero level * 6) magic defense.


Berith's Agony

Berith’s Agony

Behind the changes:

After the last damage adjustment, its fixed damage is a bit too high for weaker characters in the later stage of game.Combined with an enchantment like Holy Thunder, there will be a scenario where massive damage is dealt to weaker characters with just a blow. We therefore adjusted its fixed damage to a more suitable level.


Continuous Damage change: 2% of Target’s Current HP + 40 + 5 * Hero Level → 2% of Target’s Current HP + 60



Behind the changes:

After the last adjustment, the defense and damage of Frostguard are evidently increased. We thought it had become overwhelming in areas like Ability Power, Pierce, Cooldown, Armor, and Control. It is highly suited to Battle Mages, and even attracts other Mages with less fitting abilities. We hope that there are advantages and disadvantages in its attributes, so as to avoid it from suppressing other equipment.


Cooldown Circle in the recipe has been changed to Spell Tome, swapping the 10% Cooldown Reduction for 20 Ability Power.

Spear of Longinus

Spear of Longinus

We feel that Spear of Longinus should be one of the best pieces of equipment for high attack speed heroes, such as Lu Bu, Zephys, and Yena. But in the current environment, its rival Broken Spear is vastly preferred, so we’ve decided to make Spear of Longinus stronger. Spear lovers will now be able to better enjoy its effects.

Attribute Bonus Rebalance: 400 HP → 500 HP

Shatter Effect Rebalance: Attacks reduce target armor by 50, max 5 stacks → Attacks reduce target armor by 60, max 4 stacks


Time for another feature! Since the inception of the Enchantment System, we are delighted to see players and heroes perform even better with sensible combinations. This is exactly what we anticipated. In the next stage, we are committed to enhancing the competitiveness of every Enchantment. We are driven to review the performance and suitability of every Enchantment, continuing to adjust the game balance, and even make some bolder changes!

Forest Wanderer Revamp

Forest Wanderer Revamp

Behind the changes:

We realized that Enchantments in the Afata system are too weak, and so a series of adjustments have been made. Forest Wanderer’s actual battlefield performance in Antaris Battlefield didn’t match what we initially had in mind, so we gave priority to reworking it. The new Forest Wanderer will be more suited to tanks and will focus on helping players who tend towards Roaming Support.


Effect: After exiting combat, the next normal attack will slow down enemy by 30% for 1 second and mark a Stealth Magic Crystal.Magic Crystal bursts in 3 seconds, dealing Mana Damage equal to 10% of the target’s max HP.

Endless Cycle

Endless Cycle

Behind the changes:

The idea of resurrection is appealing, but this will lead to many pointless delays during a mid and late game in some high tier match-ups. We don’t want situations where one side pulls off enough awesome plays to end the game, but the other team can simply resurrect over and over to drag the game out. Therefore, we’ve limited the use of Endless Cycle in the late game and granted a gold coin reward for remaining uses.


Enchantment effect disappears after 12 minutes. For each unused resurrection, 300 gold is returned.

Reaper’s Blessing Removed

Reaper’s Blessing Removed

Behind the changes:

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend. Getting the balance right between Reaper’s Blessing and Mark of Frost is a problem that has puzzled us for a long time. The functionality of the two almost completely overlaps, so as long as one has slightly better effects than the other, it will always be preferred. To solve this, we’ve created a brand new Enchantment to replace Reaper’s Blessing. In contrast with Mark of Frost, its primary focus is on endurance and instant recovery, and it should better fulfill its goal as an Enchantment – that being strengthening hero individuality. We’re excited about the build potential and choices this skill will offer.


New Enchantment “Enhanced Restore” replaces “Reaper’s Blessing”

Specific Effect: Replaces Restore with Enhanced Restore: Instantly regain 640 (+40/level) HP and 200 (+12/level) Mana

Minion Kill Revamp

Minion Kill Revamp

Behind the changes:

Currently, Minion Kill and Gunslinger cannot be at the same stage. The revamped Minion Kill will put more focus on its unique functionality, and offer more online competitiveness to players in the early stage.


Revamped effect: For every 30 seconds, the next normal attack/ability kills a minion. After 10 minions are killed, instantly receive 200 Gold and reset the kill count (not applicable to Siege Minion and Super Minion).

Devil’s Awakening

Devil’s Awakening

Removed 10% DMG Reduction

Desperate Duel

Desperate Duel

Armor & Magic Pierce Boost triggered by Ranged Heroes: 7.5% → 15% (same as Melee Heroes)

Holy Summoner

Holy Summoner

Damage dealt changed to 2% of target’s HP as True Damage

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade

Buff Charge Time: 2 sec → 4 sec

Damage for each stack of Shadow Blade: 30 (+5/level) → 30 (+5/level) (+0.1 AD)

Fixed a bug where some heroes couldn’t launch Shadow Blade



Cooldown: 20 → 10

Escape Brush Charge Time: 2 sec → 4 sec

Raging Inferno

Raging Inferno

Removed 0.25 AD Bonus

Enchantment: Enhanced Restore

Developer Comments: We are excited to see the huge changes brought to Restore by the Immediate Effect function. This is what we hoped for when reworking this enchantment.However, Restore has become so strong that it has outpaced other Lv.1 enchantments, becoming (almost) a mandatory pick for all heroes. This is not what we want to see.While keeping the core of its design, we are reducing its growth.Regardless, Restore is still enhanced!

Immediately recover 640 (+40/Lv) HP and 200 (+12/Lv) Mana → 640 (+20/lv) and 210 Mana

Enchantment: Mana Refill

Developer Comments: Is there anything more disappointing than Mana Refill?A poor Mana Refill was not our original intention, so we’re increasing it significantly to give more value!It’s time to try it out, Challengers!

Recover 8% of lost Mana when you hit an enemy hero with an ability or normal attack ——> Recover 8% of max Mana

Laning Tips

Behind the changes:

Upon observing battles, we notice that many newbies take the wrong route at the start of the game as they have trouble distinguishing between Dragon Lane and Slayer Lane. To solve this problem, we decided to place an arrow sign for Dragon Lane, Slayer Lane and Middle Lane to help newbies take the reasonable route.


When the game starts, heroes are guided towards the Slayer Lane, the Dragon Lane, or the Middle Lane by an arrow at their feet, based on what’s recommended for them.

Players that select Support or Jungle Heroes won’t see a lane recommendation.

In order to avoid confusion, heroes who purchase an Elemental Gem or Kukri will no longer see lane recommendations.

Laning Tips

Improved Shop Purchases

Equipment Pre-Order Logic Optimization

Behind the changes:

We feel that the current equipment pre-order function isn’t adaptive enough; players are often sent to the Shop for manual selection, or they have to make special adjustments to the pre-order route. We’ve updated the pre-order logic to make it smoother and reduce the necessary effort required.


Before: Logic tends towards buying the two most expensive pieces of equipment that can be afforded. But in actual in-game terms, the effects can feel as though you’ve acquired the two cheapest ones.

After: Quick-buy methods specific to every advanced equipment are developed. Second-tier equipment will be purchased first, instead of first-tier equipment which is virtually everywhere. Please contact us if there is any unreasonable quick-buy method.

Equipment Purchase Screen Logic Optimization

Behind the changes:

In the late game, some players need to quickly switch equipment during combat. We’ve optimized this process to make switching as smooth as possible.


When you exit the Shop, the cursor will stay on the selected equipment and will no longer disappear.

Visual Mechanics Optimization

Behind the changes:

All players should be able to intuitively understand the improved mechanics on the Antaris Battlefield instead of needing to read update announcements or other descriptions.


Outer Tower Healing Pack model and special effects improved

Enraged Abyssal Dragon, Dark Slayer buff special effects improved

Equipment Aura special effects improved

Improved Match Environment

AoV’s in-game battling experience has always been our top priority.In the previous version, the MVP from the losing team and players who play with AFK players won’t lose their stars. This function aims to compensate players who persevere in a game even though their teammates went AFK or performed badly. We are also clamping down on AFK and verbal abuse, with the aim to make the competition environment more positive for everyone.

Improved Reporting Process

Behind the changes:

We noticed that some reporting options are confusing and do not cover all types of behavior. That’s why we merged “Assisting Enemy” into “Passive Behavior” and added “Position Hogging”. The design of the reporting interface has also been improved, and an option to send a report to customer service has been added.

Improved Reporting Process

Improved Reporting Process

Viewing Info on Reports Made and Received

Behind the changes:

We hope that every report is traceable and every deduction is recorded. Therefore, we created the report record page and deduction record page.

Viewing Info on Reports Made and Received

Viewing Info on Reports Made and Received

Viewing Info on Reports Made and Received

Improved Passive Behavior Algorithm

Behind the changes:

We know players were unhappy with the way Passive Behavior was identified, and we’ve been improving this based on information players have sent in. In this round of improvements, we have changed how data from multiple reports, different lanes, and different situations is handled. We’ll continue to monitor the feedback and the accuracy of these changes, and upgrade the algorithm as needed.


Assessment data for different classes and lanes is now handled differently, giving better results.

Credibility of multiple reports from different teams has been increased; credibility of multiple reports from the same team has been decreased.

Players reported by multiple independent teammates over successive games will have their suspicion level increased.

Continued verbal harassment of teammates during a single game will make it easier for the player to be reported.

Some bugs causing unwanted successful reports have been fixed, including one allowing the enemy’s MVP to be successfully reported.

Assessment of “Wrong Role” in Lane Selection

Behind the changes:

The existing Lane Selection model saw an increase in playing outside the chosen lane, to the detriment of other players.We would like to make it clear that allocation is compulsory and a failure to play accordingly will be punished.


There is a new “Position Hogging” report option; in Lane Selection mode, players who play outside the chosen lane will be penalized.When teaming up with Friends, there is no penalty for entering each other’s chosen lanes.

Voice Chat Improvements

New Squad Voice Chat function

Behind the changes:

We want to improve Voice Chat functionality to give players a better experience and provide groups with the private Voice Chat space they asked for.


New Squad Voice Chat allows squad members to communicate without being heard by Group members

Upgraded voice components

Behind the changes:

We’ve been working on Voice Chat issues such as noise and hope to improve the Voice Chat experience. We’ve upgraded the Voice Chat component and addressed the following issues.


Reduced noise due to Announcements

Reduced noise caused by players tapping screen

Improved sound stability during Voice Chat

Upgraded voice components

Emoji System

Behind the changes:

It’s very important to us that players can express themselves in real-time during the game, and we noticed that players enjoy using the Quick Phrases function (“Thank you!”, etc.). We’ve added a new emoji system to supplement it and create a more vivid conversation environment for players. We hope that this will solve two existing problems: the inconvenience of launching a Dance animation and the fact that in-game effects cannot be previewed in the same way animations can.We have combined launching animations with the emoji system, both of which can be used by tapping and swiping. It is also now possible to preview in-game effects outside matches, so players can choose and use these more easily.

Emoji System


1. Customization System is now accessed from the Main Menu: Armory – Customization

2. A new Emoji System allows emojis to be used during battle after being set up in Armory – Customization – Battle Effects – Emoji

3. Hold the Chat button on the right of the screen during a match and slide to the left to call up a list of equipped emojis and animations. Releasing launches the chosen emoji or animation.

4. A new In-game Effect preview system: tap any effect in the listing to see an all-new preview screen to see how it works. You can do the same with emoji too!

5. The special Proficiency Emoji changes according to the Proficiency of the Hero using it.

6. Any emoji can be placed on the Auto Use panel to be released on First Blood or Multi Kill.

Ranked Match improvements

New “Avoid as Teammate” function for Ranked Matches

Behind the changes:

On the results page for a Ranked Match, players can manage their “Avoid as Teammate” list. The player will not be teamed up with players on the list in Ranked Matches of 30 stars or less.

How it Works:

The “Avoid as Teammate” list applies only in Legendary Ranked Matches of 30 stars or less. It does not affect those of more than 30 stars, or other play modes

You can add up to 4 players to your “Avoid as Teammate” list

After 4 hours, newly tagged players replace the earliest tagged player

Being marked Avoid as Teammate by multiple players may affect your queue time for Ranked Matches

Players can see their Avoid as Teammate records in Main Menu – Friends – Blacklist

Redesigned Season Challenge page

Redesigned Season Challenge page

Season Results page has been redesigned and can now be shared

Season Results page has been redesigned and can now be shared

Additional rewards for Support in ranked mode

Supports in Ranked matches will earn an additional 50% Gold during Match Results to improve the gameplay experience for Support players. Not to exceed the weekly limit on Gold earned.

Lore System

Athanor Storyline

Behind the changes:

This year we launched the AoV comic “Light and Shadow”. You may already have realized that the comic links into the promotion videos for new heroes to form the game’s storyline for this year. The story is integrated into the Athanor Map, which is now a point of entry for the storyline.

Athanor Storyline

Main Menu Featured item

Behind the changes:

The game has a range of Events where players have chances to win, but access points are scattered and it is hard for players to find and use them.


There’s a new “Featured” option for entering the Shop on the left side of the Main Menu to bring together all similar events to make it easier for players to search and use them. The existing point of entry will also be retained for now.

Main Menu Featured item

Carano Chess improvements


1. New Observation System: During recovery time, tap another player’s Avatar to watch their battle. It is also possible to continue to watch a match after elimination

2. New Multiple Player Match Results panel, which can also be reviewed from Career Victories

3. You can now collect Season Game Rewards via the Carano Chess Main Menu

New Combos and Heroes

1. Magister’s Council: Reduces other Combo activation requirements

(2) -1 character needed for Combos that require >=4 characters, effective up to 1 Combo

(3) Affects up to 3 Combos, Hero Limit +1

2. D’Arcy (1 gold): Mage, The Council

3. Sephera (4 gold): Support, The Council

4. Dirak (5 gold): Spellslinger, The Council

Combos Rebalance

1. Warrior: Added (8) Shield +8,000, Attack Damage +800, Life Steal +20

2. Berserker: Added (6) All allies become Berserk, Normal Attack deals 100% Splash Damage, Attack Speed +100%

3. Mage:

(3) +40% ability effect

(6) +90% ability effect

Added (9) Ability Effect +140%, Life Steal +30%

4. Support: Added (4) All allies become immune to lethal damage for 0.5 seconds and recover 20% HP

5. Spellslinger: Added (6) All allies recover 70% Energy

6. Tank: (6) All allies Armor +1,200 → (6) All allies Armor +1,200, Physical Damage Reflect +25%

Hero Rebalancing


Initial Regen 0 → 25 Regen Limit 120 → 100

Base HP: 2100/3780/7560 → 2400/4320/8640


Base Magic Defense 120 → 240

Initial Regen 0 → 25 Regen Limit 100 → 80


Initial Regen 0 → 25 Regen Limit 100 → 80

Initial HP 2900/5220/8880 → 3200/5760/11520

Initial Attack 210/378/756 → 240/432/864


Ability Change:

Rolls forward and strengthens the next normal attack, causing it to deal magic damage to enemies in a straight line.→ Deals 700/1400/2100 magic damage to nearby enemies. Enemies take additional magic damage equal to 10% of their lost HP.


Initial HP 2000/4200/8400 → 2500/4500/9000


Initial HP 2730/4920/9830 → 3000/5400/10800

Regen Limit 60 → 40


Regen Limit 150 → 125


Regen Limit 120 → 100

Base Attack 180/324/648 → 280/504/1008


Base HP 2700/4860/9720 → 3000/5400/10800


Base Attack 220/396/792 → 280/504/1008


Base HP 2520/4540/9080 → 2800/5040/10080


Ability Damage: 1200/2400/3600 → 1500/3000/4500


Base HP 2500/ 4500 / 9000 → 2900/ 5220 / 10440

Base Attack 250/450/900 → 300/540/1080


Base Attack 200/360/720 → 300/540/1080


Base Attack 220/396/792 → 300/540/1080


Initial Attack 270/486/972 → 350/630/1260

Initial Regen 0 → 20

Passive: Kills restore 90% of energy.→ Passive: Killsand assistsrestore 80% of energy.


Base Attack 240/432/864 → 350/630/1260

Initial Regen 50 → 30


Base Attack 200/360/720 → 300/540/1080

Initial Regen 125 → 100

Resolved a bug preventing Daze.

Stun time: 2/4/6 → 2/3/4


Base Attack 190/342/684 → 300/540/1080


Base Attack 290/522/1044 → 400/720/1440


Initial Attack 180/324/648 → 300/540/1080

Initial Armor 180 → 360

Initial Magic Defense 120 → 360

Initial Regen 0 → 25


Initial Attack 280/504/1008 → 400/720/1440


Initial Attack 380/684/1368 → 500/1000/2000

Equipment changes

8 new combo equipment giving Heroes new Class or Race effects randomly appear in Round 17’s Magic Blessing

1. Warrior Certificate, the bearer is also considered a Warrior

2. Assassin Certificate, the bearer is also considered an Assassin

3. Gunner Certificate, the bearer is also considered a Gunner

4. Mage Certificate, the bearer is also considered a Mage

5. Archon Gem, the bearer is also considered an Archon

6. Beast Gem, the bearer is also considered a Beast

7. Demon Gem, the bearer is also considered a Demon

8. Norman Gem, the bearer is also considered a Norman

New Equipment: Ring of the Fiend

Effect: population count +1

PvE rates in 25th turn reduced


Tidecaller’s Mark

Unique Passive: +100% Mana Regen from damage taken → Unique Passive: +75% Mana Regen from damage taken

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

1. Resolved an issue where both side’s AI would crash during games

2. New appearances for some effects

3. Fixed an issue where under some circumstances, Tome of the Reaper would refresh damage effects multiple times.

Balance Tweaks

Low-Level Movement Speed System

We encourage fun interactions between Heroes, but excessive differences in mobility can spoil this. These adjustments are our attempt to reduce those differences.

1. When Movement Speed is less than 240, actual Movement Speed will be 120 + Panel Speed * 0.5

2. When Movement Speed is greater than 660, actual Movement Speed will be 330 + Panel Speed * 0.5


Updated mechanics, improved experience

Explanation: Veera has an extraordinary 1 vs 1 kill ability but has problems with lane clearing and roaming. Her value in team fights is also low, so she has been buffed in these areas.


Veera’s Movement Speed increases by 20% outside of combat.

Does not stack with the similar effect of Hermes’ Select.

Ability 1 – Hell Bat:

Veera summons a Hell Bat which deals Magic Damage to all enemies in its path.

Magic Damage: 500/550/600/650/700/750(60/lv+0.9 Magic Bonus)

Cooldown: 7 seconds

(Improved ability feel, adjusted casting animation)

Ability 2 – Mesmerize:

Veera mesmerizes a target, dealing Magic Damage (double for non-Heroes), causing 1.5 sec stun and reducing Magic Defense.

If non-Heroes are killed by Mesmerize or die while Stunned by Mesmerize, Hell Bat Cooldown is immediately Refreshed.

Magic Damage: 300/340/380/420/500(+0.6 Magic Bonus)

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8/7 sec

Reduces Magic Defense: 100/120/140/160/180/200

(Increased cast speed, projectile speed: 12.5 m/s)

Ultimate: Inferno Bats:

Veera summons 5 spirits that attack random nearby enemies, causing magic damage and reducing Movement Speed by 10% for 1.5 seconds. Damage is reduced by 50% if several Spirits attack the same enemy.

If all 5 Spirits attack a single hero, Hell Bat Cooldown is immediately refreshed.

Spirits will prioritize targets stunned by Mesmerize.

Magic Damage: 300/375/450 (+0.5 Magic Bonus)

Cooldown: 24/20/16 seconds

(Spirits no longer prioritize heroes. If a target moves out of range during the casting time, that target will still be hit, and projectiles will speed up in order to reach the target.)


Astrid’s passive has been changed so that minions do not create shields for her, affecting her interactions with other heroes.

Passive: Bladed Guardian

Shields created when attacked -> Shields created when attacked by a hero


Right now, Maloch is capable of dishing out significant damage even if he is only wearing defensive items. We have adjusted his numbers to limit his damage somewhat.

Ability 1 damage: 400 + 120/lv + 1.8 AD -> 350 + 110/lv + 2.0 AD

Ability 2 cooldown: 10 – 0.6/lv -> 12 – 1/lv

Ultimate: jumping and landing times delayed by 0.1 seconds

Fixed a bug where Maloch could get stuck on walls, ending his movement abruptly. Fixed some animation issues.


Furball was too easy to kill in the late game, hurting Ishar’s combat ability, so we have improved its survivability and increased Ishar’s damage.

Furball’s Armor AP Bonus 0.24 -> 0.32

Furball’s Magic Defense AP Bonus 0.16 -> 0.24

Removed Furball’s Leap Damage towards heroes and increased Missile Damage.

Ability 1 damage: 250 + 40/lv + 0.5 AP -> 350 + 50/lv + 0.65 AP


Zata has difficulty keeping Assassins at bay in the early game and whenever his Ultimate is on cooldown, so we’ve increased his base movement speed and damage so that he remains a threat.

His Ultimate now has a small area of effect to help him remain relevant in the late-game.

Base Movement Speed: 350 -> 360;

Ability 1 damage: 225 + 45/lv + 0.3 AP -> 275 + 55/lv + 0.35 AP;

Ultimate: while flying, gains Vision of enemies within range;

Scattering Plumes damage: 100 + 25/lvl + 0.1 AP + 2% of target’s max HP -> 100 + 25/lv + 0.12 AP + 2% of target’s max HP.

Each projectile fired while in the air deals AOE damage in a 2.5m radius.


Fixed a serious bug that affected Ultimate damage. Thane’s damage output and lane clearing ability have been improved, while his toughness has been slightly reduced.

HP growth: 415 -> 380

Attack growth: 10.7 -> 12.7

Ability 2 damage: 200 + 60/lv + 0.58 AD -> 200 + 60/lv + 1.0 AD

Ultimate: fixed a bug that caused Kill Damage not to be applied; Kill percentage has been temporarily changed to 10%.


After Chaugnar’s most recent damage adjustments, his damage output far outshined other Supports and made Chaugnar virtually unstoppable in combination with control resistance. His toughness has been reduced slightly, a change that will be more noticeable for players who use Chaugnar for damage output.

HP growth: 410 -> 380


Alice’s shield and damage values were a bit too low, so we have increased them; we have also adjusted the way her Silence is applied, in order to make it easier on her opponents.

Ability 2 shields: 125 + 20/lv + 0.4 AP -> 150 + 30/lv + 0.4 AP

Ultimate damage: 75 + 18/lv + 0.15 AP -> 100 + 50/lv + 0.2 AP

Ultimate silence: only affects enemies who enter the circle at first.


Paine’s burst damage and ability to finish off targets were too weak, so we have strengthened them to help him stay in the fight.

Enhanced normal attack: 450 + 24/lv + 0.75 AP -> 393 + 26/lv + 0.7 AP

Sustained normal attack: 225 + 12/lv + 0.375 AP -> 225 + 15/lv + 0.4 AP

Ability 1 movement speed: 8 m/s -> 7.5 m/s

Base HP: 3546 -> 3550

HP growth: 256 -> 300


We have rebalanced a few of TeeMee’s abilities.

Passive extra gold bonus: 20% -> 25%

Ability 1 max damage: 700 + 200/lv + 1.65 AP -> 700 + 200/lv + 1.8 AP

Mana cost: 60 + 10/lv -> 60 + 5/lv


Laville’s ability to deal burst damage was rather excessive for a Marksman with decent mobility.

Laville was too dominant in the early game because of his strong base stats. His damage output has been tweaked to address this.

Ability 1: Damage: 200 + 50/lv → 175 + 45/lv

Ability 2 speed-up: 80% speed-up, diminishes over 1.5 seconds -> 60% speed-up, diminishes over 1.5 seconds

Ability 2 cooldown: 10 – 0.4/lv -> 12 – 0.8/lv

Ultimate: fixed a bug that caused the duration of close-range Dazes to be longer than intended.


Brunhilda’s progression was too slow, so we have increased her early fighting capability and tried to make her scaling better.

Ability 2 mana cost: 80 + 5/lv -> 60 + 5/lv

Ability 2 range: 8m -> 9m

When Ability 2 is used in the Brush, enemies outside the Brush cannot see it.

Ultimate damage: 375 + 175/lv -> 450 + 125/lv

Ultimate physical and magic resistance: 180 + 90/lv -> 240 + 60/lv


Overall adjustments have been made: her damage capabilities were increased (especially in the early game before equipment is available), she can use skills more often, and her control ability has been slightly nerfed.
Passive damage: 35 + 6/lv + 0.15 AP -> 50 + 6/lv + 0.1 AP

Ability 1 cooldown: 6 – 0.2/lv -> 5

Ability 1 slow down: changed to a fixed 30%


After adjusting her normal attack range and Ability 2 movement speed, Capheny’s mobility became excessive, so we have rolled her speed boost back.

Base movement speed: 360 -> 350


Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Enhanced Normal Attack not to deal damage at max range.


Skud’s model has been remade, and the feel of his normal attack has been improved.

Ability 2: an indicator has been added below the HP bar to show the current number of Infusion stacks; slow down duration 3s -> 2s

Ability 3: targets are now slowed down by 50% for 2 seconds after they hit the ground


Alice’s ability 1 could be cast while moving and has a relatively long range and Daze duration compared to similar abilities, which was a little bit excessive. We have toned down the Daze effect and fixed an issue with slow response when the Ultimate’s slow effect is removed.

Ability 1:

Stun duration: 1.3s -> 1s

Ability 3:

Slow Down Duration: 2s -> 0.5s


Developer Comments: The fix to her move-and-attack controls resulted in overly-high late-game damage. We have therefore made some adjustments to her.

Ability 1:

Damage: 60 + 28/lv → 75 + 20/lv


Developer Comments: The tweak to the movement speed algorithm made Eland’orr a pain for melee heroes to deal with. We have therefore rolled back the previous boost to damage to compensate.


Mark Damage: 160 + 12/lv + 0.35AD, can crit → 150 + 8/lv + 0.3AD, can crit


Developer Comments: The fix for Raz’s ability 2 range bug increased his effective range, resulting in the ability dealing too much damage for its range.

Ability 2:

Damage: 550 + 80/lv + 1.0AP → 550 + 70/lv + 0.9AP

Magic Defense Reduction: 50 + 50/lv → 50 + 40/lv


Developer Comments: The fix for Quillen’s ability 2 markedly increased his chance to assassinate. We have reduced its slow down effect, so that targets that manage to survive the initial onslaught have a better chance to get away.

Ability 2:

Slow: 50% → 30%


Developer Comments: Ability 2 was a little too good at providing protection, and the Ultimate’s debuff was a little excessive.

Ability 2:

Damage reduction while guiding: 30% → 20%

Ultimate Speed Reduction: 50% → 30%


Developer Comments: Rouie needed some attention as she was underperforming compared to other Supports in solo ranking without cooperation.

Ability 1:

Damage Over Time: 75 +20/lv + 0.16AP -> 75 + 25/lv + 0.2AP

2-Tier Damage: 300 + 80/lv + 0.64AP -> 300 + 100/lv + 0.8AP

Cooldown: 12 – 0.2/lv → 11 – 0.3/lv -> Fixed at 10

Ability 2:

Speed-Up: 25% + 15%/lv -> 40% + 12%/lv


Fixed an issue when tapping to cast Ultimate doesn’t always select the target with lowest HP


Developer Comments: Natalya was the first Mage on the Antaris Battlefield, but she seems to be unable to keep up with the times; as such, we have rebalanced her to increase her skill cap. We hope this brings Natalya more highlights.

Ability 1:

Bullets will not be destroyed upon hitting a hero.

(Each bullet will only trigger a one time cooldown reduction and Mana restoration)

Wonder Woman

Developer Comments: Controlling Wonder Woman felt a bit unresponsive, so we’ve made some improvements and increased the margin of error for her Ability 2 and Ultimate.


Added a buff indicator icon when Super Shield is activated.

Ability 1:

Improved response

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 12 – 0.4/lv -> 10 – 0.5/lv

Removed the cooldown reduction on hit.

Ability 3:

Shield Area: 5×5 -> 6×6


Developer Comments: Enzo was a little too good as for continuous control – it’s not too difficult to hit enemies with his hook, and it can almost completely disable enemy heroes when it connects.Even at max range, Enzo can follow up his hits with a 1–2 combo to reliably throw the target behind him and help teammates get the kill.We’ve limited his control ability and pull distance to give his enemies a more reasonable space to counter him at max range.

Ability 1:

Pullback Distance: 3.5m -> 2.5m

Ability 2:

Daze on hit: 0.5s -> 0.25s


Developer Comments: In the current metagame, Keera can easily assassinate enemies while invisible, allowing her to snowball quickly.By lowering her leveling speed and max burst damage, we hope to make the difficulty of assassinations more reasonable.

Ability 1:

Magic damage as mirror image charges at mark: 40% -> 30%

Damage without marks: 60%->45%

Rolled back instant execution of normal attack.


Developer Comments: Dirak is rather strong in the late game, so we’ve slightly decreased the leveling of Ability 1.

Ability 1:

Growth of fixed damage to inner circle heroes/non-heroes: 100 + 25/Lv -> 100 + 20/Lv

Growth of fixed damage to outer circle heroes/non-heroes: 60 + 15/Lv -> 60 + 12/Lv

Orb knockback duration: 0.8s → 0.6s


Developer Comments: A slight adjustment to the growth of Hayate’s attack speed will make him level up better.

Attack speed growth: 3%->3.5%

Data shows that while the max speed of most melee heroes has been reduced, they are also faster than they used to be in group battles where multiple slow effects are happening, and so there is no material balance difference.
Heroes that rely on burst speed have been penalized more heavily in terms of mobility and strength, so they have received some boosts to make up for this.

We will continue to monitor how the movement speed algorithm is affecting the battlefield, and minimize the volatility of certain heroes.


Ability 1:

Speed-Up Time: 1.5s → 2s

Slow-Down Time: 1.5 s → 2 s

Kil’ groth

Ability 1:

Slow-Down Time: 1.5 s → 2.5 s

Hero and Skin Reset

Visual Effect Updates for Heroes:

Skud and some of his skins have been remade

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

1. Fixed a bug that caused the 75 Magic Pierce provided by Frostguard and Tome of the Reaper to overwrite the 150 Magic Pierce provided by Evil Secrets.

2. Fixed a bug that made Ishar’s Ability 1 indicator appear much smaller than the actual area of effect.

3. Fixed a bug where Rouie was able to refresh her Ability 2 cooldown when using Ability 1.

4. Fixed a bug where other heroes could regain full HP instantly when using certain movement abilities just before Rouie’s Ability 2 teleportation took effect.

5. Roxie can no longer use Rouie’s Ultimate to teleport while dragging enemy Heroes with her.

6. Fixed a bug that caused Ata’s Ability 2 only to pull enemies at max range and not cause damage or slow down.

7. Fixed a bug that caused Slimz’s Passive, Piercing, to be blocked by enemies other than the target and trigger early.

8. Fixed a bug that caused Zata’s in-game ability descriptions to display an incorrect Mana Bonus modifier and therefore an incorrect damage value.

9. Fixed a bug that caused Yorn’s Ability 2 visual effect not to appear when attacking an enemy with display settings set to Performance.

10. Fixed a bug that impacted the feel of attack-moving after using Wisp’s Ability 1 at high attack speeds.

11. Fixed a bug that caused Quillen’s Ability 2 not to apply damage to units in Brush.

12. Fixed some bugs in Mayhem Mode.

13. Fixed a bug that made the area of Dirak’s Ultimate, Genesis Blast, larger than the indicator.

14. Fixed a bug that caused the same-target damage reduction of Azzen’Ka’s Ability 2 not to be applied.

15. Fixed a bug where Kahlii’s Ultimate’s sound effect was not interrupted if she used Indomitable while using her Ultimate.

16. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Gildur’s Ability 2 visual effect to disappear during team battles.

17. Fixed a bug that allowed Gildur’s Passive to stun defense towers.

18. Fixed a bug that caused Zip’s Ultimate’s visual effect to display incorrectly when used in Brush.

19. Fixed a display issue with the emoji equipment background image.

20. Fixed a description issue with support equipment Tidal Force? Genesis – Elemental Affinity (Water): Should be user gains +5% damage.

21. Fixed a season information error message on the Ranked Season Results page.

22. Fixed an issue where surrendering in Carano Chess counted towards Carano Chess rewards.

23. Fixed a character display issue in the currency purchase tooltip of Magical Draw.

24. Fixed some sound effect issues.

25. Fixed an issue with jumping to the profile tab.

26. Fixed a translation error with equipment – Boots of Speed tag.

27. Fixed a display error with tiers that can be invited in Ranked team lobby.

28. Fixed an issue where the displayed Essence reward from Carano Chess did not match the actual reward.

29. Fixed an issue with Enchantment – Arcane Whisper where Enchantment – Sacred Bead did not work.

30. Fixed a name display issue with support equipment in recommended equipment.

31. Fixed an issue with movement speed bonus in T2 and T3 support equipment.

32. Fixed an issue where Butterfly’s Ultimate did not prioritize heroes with low HP.

33. Fixed an issue with leftover sound effects once Rouie’s Ultimate has expired.

34. Fixed a display error for the previous season’s tier at the start of a new Carano Chess season.

35. Fixed an inevitable friend tier display issue when creating your own lobby in Carano Chess.

36. Fixed an issue where certain devices could not enable high frame rate mode.

37. Fixed a bug where a bullet of Natalya’s Ability 1 would trigger multiple cooldown reductions and Mana restorations.

38. Fixed a bug where Brunhilda’s Ultimate’s targeting area was incorrect and she could not attack.

39. Fixed crashes that occurred while matching on some devices.

40. Fixed a bug where after selecting the recommended hero through Returner Perks Quick Use, the selected hero could not be unselected.

41. Fixed a bug where some crafted equipment would disappear from the equipment bar when switching to purchase Support equipment.

42. Fixed a bug on some devices where players could not move within the base after resurrecting.

43. Fixed a bug where the visual effect for Tel’Annas: Dimension Breaker’s Ability 3 was longer than the indicator.

44. Fixed an issue where some skins were missing the Legendary tag.

45. Fixed an issue where icons, Defense Tower, and Dragon resource numbers would be imprecise on the OB screen after Backtrack reconnection.

46. Fixed an issue where the Arena of Valor logo would display incorrectly in Share when Share was accessed from the Hero or Skin menus.

47. Fixed an issue with the display of Riktor’s skins.

48. Fixed an issue where the matching confirmation screen UI would display incorrectly on some devices.

49. Fixed an issue where there was a red dot notification for Encounter Riddle but not on the animation screen mini map portal.

50. Fixed an error in the text of the press-and-hold in-match description of the Mark of Frost enchantment.

51. Fixed an issue where the description of Cleansing equipment and the press-and-hold skill description was different.

52. Fixed an issue where the full Essence item name was not being displayed in Carano Chess rewards.

53. Fixed an issue where the Desperate Duel effect differed from its description.

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