Zata, the Shackled Wings: Abilities and Story Preview

Welcome to AOV PRO Preview series! Today we introduce new Mage/Assassin hero Zata, the Shackled Wings. He is available in Garena servers.

Zata, the Shackled Wings: Abilities and Story Preview

Zata Abilities

Windstorm (Passive)

Zata’s every third normal attack deals additional damage and pierce. When Zata’s abilities collide with each other, they trigger [Windstorm], dealing area damage while resetting and enhancing Zata’s next normal attack. When Windstorm deals damage, it reduces the cooldown of Ascend. The effect is doubled if the target is a hero.

Eagle Screech (1st Ability)

Zata launches a magic missile that gradually slows down, dealing damage to enemies in its path, and exploding at the end to cause additional damage.

Twister (2nd Ability)

Zata creates a magic cyclone in front that returns to him. The magic cyclone deals damage to enemies at the starting point and in its path, as well as slowing them.

Ascend (Ultimate)

Zata rushes forward and deals damage to enemies in his path. If he collides with an enemy or another active ability, he can rush again. He can attack and use abilities during intervals between rushes. After completing 3 rushes, he becomes untargetable and deals damage to nearby enemies.


Zata’s abilities deal burst damage when they come into contact with each other. Passive ability will be triggered multiple times by activating all 3 abilities in a row. After dashing with the Ultimate, release the left stick to stop during the dash, then dash again after the ability is used to greatly increase flight success chance of Ultimate.

Zata Story

Darkwings were banished by the World Tree.

Since the day he was born, Zata had lead a wandering existence, and could only watch in envy as those around him enjoyed lives of freedom and love. His childhood was defined by constant hunger, never knowing where his next meager meal would come from.

That was until his father, their kind and resolute chief, led the last hundred or so of his people to force their way onto Mt. Orphean, finally bringing their years of miserable drifting to an end. However, the attitudes of both the Church at the foot of the mountain and Veda at the summit towards the Darkwings were no different from that of the World Tree.

The Darkwing’s original sin was to be tainted by the power of the Abyss, but if Zata’s ancestors had not protected the World Tree, they never would have become corrupted by the power that seeps from the Abyssal Rift.

For some unknown reason, Veda eventually chose to allow Darkwings to stay, but at a price: their wings would be shackled, depriving them of the freedom to fly. The reason, as explained by Veda, was that this was the only way to inhibit the effect that the Abyssal power had on them. It was only by agreeing to this condition that would they be permitted to remain.

Stability had suddenly returned to their lives, yet Zata did not feel secure or settled. On the contrary, their fettered abilities and the scarcity of land and resources constantly reminded him that the fate of his people was completely in the hands of others.

Zata did not blame his father for making this choice. As their leader, he had done all he could; at least none of their children or elderly starved to death during the last winter.

As long as there are children, there is hope for the future; as long as a society has its elderly, there is a sense of cohesion.

Therefore, Zata took it upon himself to shoulder responsibility for his people’s future. He may not have been the strongest among them, but he was highly skilled and cool-headed. These qualities quickly made him stand out from his peers of similar age. After undergoing a series of tests, the Templar Knights sent him an invitation.

The words in the letter were clear: a Darkwing could never be a true Templar Knight, but if Zata could complete their training, he would be eligible to accept quests issued by the holy city. The payment for such quests would not be substantial, but it could go some way to improving things for his people.

After a long discussion with his father, Zata set off alone for the holy city early the next morning. He would not return for several years.

Although Zata did not make a name for himself, the high-ranking members of the Church and Veda all knew that an outstanding young Darkwing had joined the knights. On many an occasion, tricky problems that the Church could not handle were resolved thanks to Zata’s intervention.

Therefore, when Veda asked the Church to send someone to undertake a highly important quest, Zata was the first person they recommended.

The recommendation was accepted, and Zata was summoned to Veda to discuss the details in person. Upon meeting Tulen, Zata did not maintain a hunched, subservient posture. Instead, after bowing once, he stood up straight and managed to talk Tulen into removing the shackles from his people, on one condition: he completes the quest to Tulen’s satisfaction.

As Zata turned and left Veda, he swore to himself: “Even if it costs me my life, I will complete this quest!”

Zata Skins


Zata Original Model

Zata Original Artwork

Soldier’s Fortune

Zata Soldier's Fortune Model

Zata Soldier's Fortune Artwork

Zata Builds

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Zata Equipment Suggested

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